Map Camp London 2019, 15th October


This is our third Map Camp in London and it is kindly sponsored by the Leading Edge Forum. Map Camp is a community run event, it consists of a series of lectures from renowned speakers with a coffee and networking area to meet other mappers from across the globe. We have a wonderful line up of speakers which will be announced shortly. The original event in 2017 was planned to be 30 people, we ended up with 180 and over 150 on a waiting list. In 2018, we planned for 350 people, we ended up with 450 and over 260 on a waiting list. This year, we have an even bigger venue in the hope that we might be able to accommodate everyone.

Map Camp is a safe environment for all and we will do everything we can to make sure that it is. If you're planning on attending please read the code of conduct.


08:00 Doors open
08:45 Welcome introduction Gen Ashley & Simon Wardley
09:00 Social and cognitive benefits of mapping (why mapping makes my brain sing) Sal Freudenberg
09:30 What's the best move? Andrew Clay Schafer
10:00 Open source and Maps Adrian Cockcroft
10:30 Building a company with maps Rachel Murphy
11:00 Break
11:30 Mapping skills and capability Emily Webber
12:00 Mapping as a sensemaking practice within digital ecosystems Roser Pujadas
12:30 Managing for Serendipity Liz Keogh
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Maps and the Environment Anne Currie
The Government Track
14:30 How UK Policing is using maps and serverless Simon Clifford
14:45 Using maps in Government James Duncan
15:00 Maps and Smart Cities Dr Jacqui Taylor
15:15 Maps and the UN Mark Craddock
15:30 Panel discussion - The role of maps in Government
16:00 Break
The Private Sector Track
16:30 Maps and Venture Capital Prasanna Krishnamoorthy
16:45 Maps and Financial Services Andra Sonea
17:00 Maps and IoT Yodit Stanton
17:15 Maps and Organisation Ramon van Alteren
17:30 Panel discussion - The role of maps in the Private Sector
18:00 Maps and Stories Tal Klein
18:30 After hours discussion - an armchair chat with Dave Snowden & Simon Wardley
19:30 Conference closes


Sadler's Wells Theatre

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