3rd October 2018 in London



Shoreditch Town Hall


09:00Doors open
09:30Welcome to Map Camp.Gen Ashley (Chair) & Simon Wardley
09:45Using maps to create focus and leverageLiam Maxwell, National Technology Adviser at HM Government.
10:15Mapping a new ventureRachel Murphy, Managing Director at Difrent Group
10:45Mapping one's regulatory worldJulie Pierce, Director Openness, Data & Digital at Food Standards Agency
11:45Mapping and the UNMark Craddock, Technical Director, UN Global Platform
12:15Maps, Ships, Trains and AutomobilesJames Findlay, Co-Founder Stance Global
12:45Using maps as a communication toolYodit Stanton, CEO OpenSensors
13:15Lunch provided
14:15Maps and the Empathy EconomyDr Jacqui Taylor, CEO, co-founder FlyingBinary
14:45Maps, huh! What are they good for?Danielle H-Wilson, Head of Business Architecture & Analysis at Co-op Digital
15:15Mapping and EducationJanet Hughes, Digital director working in Healthcare, Education and the Arts
16:15Mapping a serverless startupDrew Firment, Managing Partner at A Cloud Guru
16:45Collaboration through MappingSal Freudenberg, Agile Specialist and Psychology Researcher
17:00CLOSING PANEL: "The future of Mapping, who is it for?"Benjamin, Sal, Danielle, Rachel. CHAIRED by Gen Ashley
17:30Conference closes

Sessions Summary